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SET OF 10 Caravaca De la Cruz de Espana Metal Crucifix Pendant Cross 1.5" Italian Made

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The cross of Caravaca is a double-cross-barred crucifx on which the figure of Jesus is flanked by two winged angels who kneel in postures of prayer. The arms of the savior are nailed to the upper cross-bar, and the supplementary cross-bar projects widely to the sides. The original version of this cross appeared miraculously in the Spanish town of Caravaca during the 14th century. It is said to contain a fragment of the True Cross upon which Jesus was crucified. Caravaca is known to archaeologists as the site of one of the oldest settlements in Spain, to occultists as a former stronghold of the mysterious Knights Templar, and to historians as a military fortress occupied during the struggle to oust the Moors and re-establish Christiantity in Spain.

In Mexico, the cross of Caravaca has been a popular religious amulet since colonial times. Some say that a copy of the original was the first Christian cross brought to Mexico, others say that the copy was brought to Mexico by Fr. Junipero Serra and carried by him as he travelled through Mexico and California. In either case, the cross of Caravaca is a major element in Mexican and Mexican-American religious folklore, where it is widely believed to have special powers to grant wishes and prayers.

The use of the cross of Caravaca for answered prayers dates back at least to the the early 19th century. Documentation of a novena to San Roque, protector from fevers and epidemic diseases, notes that the pamphlet, published in Zacatecas, Mexico, in 1833, was illustrated with an image of this cross.

The cross of Caravaca frequently appears on the Mexican house and business charm known as El Secreto de la virtuosa Herradura where it is represented by a piece of gold-toned embossed paper pasted to a red cross-shaped paper, in turn pasted to a wooden cross positioned within an actual used horseshoe which has been wrapped in red thread. People use El Secreto de la virtuosa Herradura when praying for financial success.

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